Florence Kids Tours & Activities

Visiting Florence with kids is more fun with Arte al Sole. Our Florence kids tours and activities are filled with art, sightseeing, and memory-making connections to the Renaissance city and its rich history. Families will learn about the traditions, histories, artisans and culinary legends behind the beauty of Florence, while engaging in hands-on arts and cultural tours and workshops designed just for kids!

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Florence Duomo Project

Florence – DaVinci Workshop (2 hours)

Our arts education and fine artist docent will take families to the Leonardo DaVinci museum to explore interactive exhibits and compare themes in science, art, and invention. She will bring sketchbooks for brainstorming and guide children through their own sketching and discovery activity (for families or just the kids!). All materials included. Museum entrance tickets extra. 

COST: 230 euro for up to 4 ppl + 40 euro each additional participant.

Florence Family City Tour through Medieval and Renaissance Life  (3 hours)

Our arts education and history docent will take families and children in Florence on an artistic adventure with sketchbooks for a hands-on discovery of Medieval and Renaissance life in the city. We take an in-depth look at the people, piazzas, and perfection of Renaissance greats. Kids will bring their own visions to life with art projects along the way. All materials included. 

COST: 295 euro for 1- 4 persons + 40 each additional participant.

Florence – Florentine Traditional Paper Marbling – Paper Making Art Lab     (3 hours)

Fun for the whole family! Discover the marvels of marbling, a typical Florentine tradition to make your very own stunning paper creations. Bring home beautiful paper for decorating a notebook, a gift, or text books! All materials included. 

COST: 320 euro (family 2-4 ppl) + 50 euro each additional person.

Florence – Art Lessons for Kids or Family

Parents can get some grown-up time to explore Florence while the kids enjoy an art project ranging from drawing and painting to fresco, mosaic, mixed media, or sculpture with one of our studio artists at an exclusive art academy right in the heart of Florence. Kids only or family art projects taking inspiration from the beauty of Florence.  All materials included.

COST: Kids or family private workshop 120 euro/ student for 2 hr. lesson OR Your children join a group art class with local Italian children 60 euro/child 1.5hr. or 120/child for 3hr.

Florence – Family Uffizi Tour, Skip-the-line, child-friendly and kid-focused!  (2.5 hours)

A museum tour designed with the Arte al Sole Visual Thinking and Self-Guided Critical Inquiry learning philosophy. The best way to visit the Uffizi Gallery as a family. In 2.5 hrs, we offer an in-depth exploration focusing on engaging children to interact with 6-7 key pieces of art in a realistic time-frame. No checking famous paintings off a list with a 3-minute stare here! Your family will experience the full aesthetic wonder and historical magic of the Renaissance amongst its most famous works. Kids will work on some drawing and sketching of things that most inspire under the guidance of our specialized art docent. 

COST: 280 euro for 1-4 people + 55 euro each additional participant. Museum tickets extra.

Florence – Boboli Gardens Watercolor Sketch Hunt / Kids Only or Family Tour! (2 hours)

We will wander through the enchanting maze of gardens that once served as the playground for Florentine elites through the centuries. Here, kids will get to sketch and bring the sculptures scattered throughout the grounds to life, and create an architectural watercolor masterpiece with our fine artist docent. Child-focused tours and kids-only art projects! All materials included. Museum entrance tickets separate (approx. €13 euro/adult – €3/children). 

COST: 230 euro for family of 4 + 40 euro each additional participant.

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