Soccer and Art Fun in the Sun

“Umbria Soccer and Art Camp”
July 4 – 8,  2022 – Enrollment Open Now

A fun-filled week of soccer and art in Umbria, at our most popular location, Agriturismo Colle San Paolo. This Italy art and sport program combines soccer instruction by qualified coaches and Italian language lessons. Our soccer program is designed to challenge, inspire, and motivate children to engage with the core skills of the game and realize their potential in an enjoyable atmosphere. We offer an age-appropriate curriculum designed to ensure all children receive a high level of coaching in the technical, tactical, physical, social and psychological dimensions of soccer. The art component of the program takes place after lunch and fun games, engaging activities, and hands-on crafts exploring ancient and medieval history. The week also includes a cooking class Students have the option of enrolling in only the art portion of the camp if desired.

Art in the Renaissance City

“Florence: A Renaissance Adventure for Kids”

Custom educational programs in Florence according to our regular Renaissance curriculum are available for families year-round. Please contact us at to inquire about a tailored program for your family or group.

Students will gain an up close look at how the city burst with genius and inspiration as the literary, fine arts, architectural, and scientific breakthroughs of the later Middle Ages transformed Florence into an awe-inspiring Renaissance city. The program includes a master project with an artist as we visit Florentine sites for inspiration, visits to local museums, a multimedia project uncovering Renaissance mysteries, a cooking class, and fun engaging integrated fine arts projects encompassing the theme of the city itself as a canvas for the creativity of this period.