Rome Kids Tours & Activities

Arte al Sole offers a way for families to experience the best of Rome, to navigate its myriad alleyways away from the bustling crowds – So you can do more than check things off a bucket list. Families will learn about the traditions, histories and artisans behind its great beauty, while engaging in interactive fun and Rome kids tours and activities designed for the whole family.

Rome – Mystery, Machines & Mosaic Making (3 hours)

Our very favorite haunt! Families will be taken to one of the most fascinating and little known museums in all of Rome, a mixture of machinery & ancient statues. Here, we’ll feast our eyes on massive mosaics & much much more before going to our exclusive Mosaic Lab where families will hear about the traditional designs of ancient times and make their own mosaic pieces to take home.  275 euro tour including docent for family of 4 and Mosaic lab for 2 participants  (add’l Mosaic Lab 100 euro/person). Museum & Taxi fares entrance extra. All materials included.  Taxi service about 10-15 euro to / from museum & mosaic workshop.

Rome – The Appian Way: Of Gladiators & Chariot Races (3 hours)

Just outside the city center, a stone’s throw from the Circus Maximus, we start at the Museo nella Mura, The Museum inside the Wall, that once protected the City of Rome at the top of the Appian Way.  From there, we’ll head over to the Mausoleum of Massenzio where we’ll explore the ancient grounds that once held games and races within its circus. Kids will learn about the dress of centurions, coins of the emperors (and make their own!) and create a Bulla Romana (good luck amulets children wore from in Ancient Rome).  Parents can enjoy some free time and stroll along the Appian Way or visit the catacombs and the tomb of Cecilia Metella. 290 euro for 2-4 persons + 40 euro each additional participant. All materials included.  

Rome – Skip The Line Colosseum or Colosseum/Forum/Palatine Hill Tour (3 hours + 1.5hr art project)

Families can enjoy a skip-the-line tour through the Colosseum & Forum with our exclusive Tour Guide before meeting our art docent who will engage your kids with sketching and painting with natural inks just like the Ancient Romans used.    VIP Tour with an Arte al Sole official private guide to Colosseum / Forum / Palatine (3 hrs) plus art project with kids while parents explore some more! (1.5 hrs) • 465 euro + ticket entry. All materials included. 

Also available: PRIVATE STANDARD COLOSSEUM & FORUM TOUR with your own private guide, no art project — 255 euro + ticket entry. 

Rome – Art Over The Forum (2.5 hours)

Crowning the very central piazza of all Rome, atop one of the famed seven hills, Italy’s capital still stands. From a special viewpoint families or kids-only can paint the scene stretching before them, with our special art lesson overlooking the Forum. Art lesson with watercolor. All materials included. 275 euro for 2-4 participants + 40 euro each additional participant.

Rome – Piazza Navona Sketch Hunt! (1.5 hours)

We will venture in and around Piazza Navona to discover the wild animals carved in stone…and hear their incredible stories along the way! Kids will make up their own legends by the end of their experience around the piazzas and alleyways of central Rome. Our animal hunt will end up at the Cat Sanctuary of the center of Rome! All materials included. 195 euro for 4 participants + 40 euro each additional participant .

Rome – Myths & Legends Sketch Hunt On Rome’s Capitoline Hill (1.5 hours)

Kids will discover the symbols of power from ancient times to today in this interactive workshop surrounding the piazza designed by none other than Michelangelo. Kids will learn as they sketch about the city’s seat of power – its flags, shields, dress and symbols of the ancient emperors, popes and and the legends and stories that surround them. After taking in a spectacular view of the entire Forum, parents can enjoy a refreshment atop the stark white Vittorio Emanuele Monument built for a united Italy’s first king while the kids sketch their own capitol hill and family crests. All materials included. 195 euro for 2 to 4 persons + 40 euro each additional participant.

Rome – The Bridges Of Rome & The Mighty Tiber River (1.5 hours)

A walking tour and art project leading from the Temples of Hercules Victor and Portunus across from Rome’s famed Mouth of Truth – Bocca della Verità. Families will hear about some of the places along the Tiber while learning about the architecture from the Synagogue in the heart of the Jewish Ghetto to Tiberina Island. From there, we’ll check out the bridges and water flows of the Tiber and the incredible stories surrounding it, before watercoloring our very own bridge – completing the Broken Bridge – Ponte Rotto. Our art tour ends at the gelato shop located here. Parents can stop for refreshments and snacks while the kids work on their art projects from this amazing vantage point along the fast-flowing Tiber River. 195 euro for 2-4 persons + 40 euro each additional participant. All materials included.