Tuscany Kids Tours & Activities

Visiting Tuscany with Kids is more fun when the kids can experience the art, culture, and cuisine of this beautiful region on their own level. Arte al Sole offers private art classes and workshops, cooking classes, and family tours in Lucca and at your Tuscan lodging throughout the year. Book our exceptionally local Tuscany kids tours and activities below, or contact us about putting together a complete custom activities program for your family holiday in Tuscany.

Lucca – Medieval Beasts and Mystical Symbols (3 hours)

Our sketch tour for families gets kids looking and drawing some of the most famous beasts and mystical symbols depicted all around Lucca. Kids will be challenged to find a menagerie of animals on the most famous churches in town, on towers, buildings and shops, finishing at the stunning church of San Frediano. Along the way, children will create a comic strip, incorporating the images we have explored into their own cartoon story. A unique memento of their visit to Lucca! All materials included. 

COST: 280 euro 1 – 4 participants + 40 euro each additional participant (net pricing). 

Lucca – Lord Guinigi’s Lost Treasure – A Sketch Hunt for Kids and Families (3 hours)

This classic discovery of Lucca follows a storytelling narrative through the Ages bringing families thru an Adventure in Time from Roman Emperors to Napoleon where kids experience a kind of treasure hunt in a quest to uncover the powerful Lord Guinigi’s lost treasure. As the children search for clues to its whereabouts, they discover the interconnections of famous elements of art and architecture in Lucca. Along the way, they sketch key points that might be important clues, followed by an architectural watercolor project in the beloved Piazza Anfiteatro. All materials included. COST: 280 euro for 1 -4 participants + 40 euro each additional participant (net pricing).


​Lucca – Biking and Building through the Walls (3 hours)

For a great overview of all of Lucca, families will rent bikes with our guide and journey around the great defensive walls of Lucca, stopping to see exactly how it was built over time, and what each component served. You will hear the stories of Lucca’s brutal past, marked by battles, along what today is a peaceful walled passageway above the town. We will visit inside some of the bastions and around its famed piazze. Classic bicycles, Tandem bikes available for rental. COST: 260 euro for 1 -4 participants + 40 euro each additional participant (net pricing). Bike rental not included.

Lucca – Treasures of the Pilgrimage Road (3 hours)

A mini version of our week-long Lucca summer kids camps. Set on the Via Francigena, the pilgrimage road connecting Canterbury to Rome, Medieval and Renaissance Lucca contained treasures of many forms that contributed to the city’s sophistication and beauty. Children pretend to be pilgrims, discovering signs of the transition from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance as they explore the artistic and natural wonders as well as breakthroughs that inspired innovation in art, commerce, and civic life. Families will get to keep a pilgrim’s journal with notes and sketches about the signs of pilgrims’ in the city. All materials included. 

COST: 280 euro for 1-4 participants + 40 euro each additional participant.

Private Lessons at Your Tuscan Villa (3 hours)

Our fine arts teacher can customize a lesson for your family at your Tuscan villa. Lesson plan options include sketching and illustration, watercolor, and acrylic painting. We have a selection of themes to suit your kids imagination and your villa’s setting. 

COST: 140 euro/hour for 1-6 participants

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