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2019 promises to be an outstanding year for families looking to visit Italy – The country already boasting the greatest number of cultural treasures on earth is in cultural overdrive. But one thing not to miss are the numerous exhibitions and museums honouring the genius of Leonardo DaVinci.
Arte al Sole families in Florence have two museums where kids can interact with the machines. We walk families through the life and times of Leonardo and why he is considered one of the greatest thinkers ever known. In Rome, the Vatican also holds some of his great works as well – and our guides can show them to you so you don’t need to hunt them down! At our summer day camps, kids get to learn more about Leonardo, including what innovation truly means:Is it simply smarts, is it studying nature like those birds he devoted so much time to before crafting his own aeroplane? Or is it sheer curiousity? Developing the ability to think out of the box, applying the rules of nature to engineer castles, harness nature, or craft amazing inventions?
But there is more to Leonardo than his inventions. And Italy is set to show you all of it.
Of course, no hunt for Leonardo is complete without a stop in Vinci, his birthplace. Our expert guide can show you his models, including water skis and other flights of fancy! At


you will find a comprehensive list of all the exhibitions celebrating Leonardo throughout Italy. [Just hit

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For families venturing off the Rome-Florence-Venice tour track, Milano –where Leonardo was chief artist – architect – stage & costume designer to the greatest court of Europe, the Sforzesco dynasty – is where you will find his Last Supper and other artworks, some now in Turin – Torino. You can also see there the

magnificent horseinspired by Leonardo’s own designs located at the Ippodromo Horse racing track near San Siro stadium that a Michigan businessman commissioned to American sculptor, Nina Akamu. Ten new horses have been commissioned by artists that will be placed all around Milan this year.

But it is a jewel of a town, with the longest covered wooden bridge in Europe – Vigevano – that came up with a genius idea worthy of Leonardo himself: The

Leonardiana Museum

housed at the Sforzesco Palace and boasting the Impossible Museum – a collection of extraordinary High Def reproductions of every known painting by Leonardo. There, you can scroll through his notebooks, see how he solved the problem of waterborn illnesses and harnessed the canals giving rise to the rice fields still supplying all of Europe today, and learn how he created poetry, rhymes and riddles, costumes and hairstyles for the court and The Festival del Paradiso, a high-tech spectacle that bewitched all of Europe when it was unveiled at court.
At Arte al Sole, we believe that all children are born with an innate genius.

In fact, we’ve seen 5 yr olds do better at the

‘Marshmallow Challenge’

than business executives*. This

notion informs everything we do with families and children at our interactive programs – both private family tours of Italyand in our

summer camps.
So, come and discover your inner genius – through creative thinking – the power of observation…and a whole lot of fun & games…that would have delighted DaVinci! Find out more at: info@artealsole.com

We will also be offering another free Artineraries audio tour download of The Last Supper to families who sign up! So…don’t be shy…spread the word and let’s celebrate Leonardo!

[One of the many brain games we do with kids at our SuperCamp program!]
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