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Florence never disappoints with its dozens of museums, sights and beauty. We help kids uncover their inner Da Vinci and families to make connections to the city and its rich history. We’ve added more art tours and artisan workshops – fun for the whole family…or just the kids so parents can enjoy some grownup time, too! Some of our latest art experiences / art tours / workshops & exploration for kids in Florence:

The Heart of Florence – Uncovering Piazza Signoria’s Myths & Legends & the Tales of the Sculpture Loggia • 90 mins • 215 euro (family 2-4 ppl)
In the historical center, Piazza Signoria marks an important landmark of the political and family powers of the city. The Loggia’s open air gallery with ancient & renaissance sculpture will be brought to life as we uncover the myths & symbols representing Florence’s history and strength. Kids will create their own mythological fountain and magical creatures on paper that would decorate their very own piazza. Kids will discover the story behind the David, Perseus, Neptune & the Medici Lions ("Marzocco")
All materials included

Florentine Traditional Paper Marbling – Paper Making Art Lab 3 hrs • 290 euro (family 2-4 ppl) + 50 euro each additional person

Fun for the whole family! Discover the marvels of marbling, a typical Florentine tradition to make your very own stunning paper creations. Bring home beautiful paper for decorating a notebook, a gift, or text books!

The Bargello Fortress / Museum 2.5 hrs • 240 euro (family 2-4 ppl) + 40 euro each additional person

Considered the ‘Uffizi’ for Renaissance Sculpture, we will take families in to explore some of its amazing collections, focusing – for the kids – on the sculptures, myths & legends of some of the most notable renaissance sculpture, exploring the characters and their tales. Families will be treated to the stunning animals of the ‘loggia’ and parents can enjoy the Della Robbia ceramics, ivories and tapestries while kids get to understand the meaning behind different symbols before crafting their own works or panels in their sketchbooks.

Some Highlights: Bird sculptures and ‘child fishing’ – Donatello’s David – the Grand Hall Fountain
All materials included
Hidden Florence: Rose Garden Sketch Hunt • 90 mins • 195 euro (family 2-4 ppl)
Located just below the panoramic viewpoint of Piazzale Michelangelo, families can cool off and enjoy some time far from the maddening crowds in this hidden gem in Florence’s San Niccolò neighborhood. Kids will wander the grounds while exploring the unique sculpture hidden inside. For families, it’s a great place for a picnic!
Florence Artisan Book Binding Lab

• 3 hrs • 290 euro (family 2-4 ppl)

+ 50 euro each additional person

Take some down time and practice your own artistic talents. In this private session with parents & kids or on your own(!) you’ll create and complete your own masterpiece with an intense private art session with our Fine Arts Master, just like in the days of Giotto or Leonardo.
Choose from: a) copy of a master (portrait/anatomy, drawing) or b) classic still life, painting (acrylics) based on Florentine works.
These cater more towards artistic children or parents or school groups visiting Florence for Art & Museum Tours. Ask us to customize your art workshops for different interests.

OUR FLORENCE SUMMER CAMPS are held in the exclusive setting of the Palazzo San Niccolò in the Oltrarno (across the Arno River). Their sister palazzi, Palazzo Belfiore has been hosting Arte al Sole families for years. @AskFederico for lodging options!
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