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Our partner over at Italia Kids and our newest Facebook Page, Family Travel Italyoften get asked by newcomers to Italy…how to get around in Rome. The stories of being literally ‘taken for a ride’ by the infamous taxi drivers and the poor public transport options are legend – but like much of Rome, they are also a thing of the past. Here’s a short list of getting into Rome from Fiumicino Airport (aka Leonardo Da Vinci), in order of expense:

Private Airport Transfer – This can run about 75-90 euro for a simple 20-40 min drive into the city center and to your hotel. The advantage is…you are delivered to the doorstep (where rental cars may not be allowed to enter*) and if you have many people with luggage, it’s not a bad option.Uber – Arte al Sole families nowadays use ubers right, left and center. It’s convenient, but costly. One family recently paid 65 euro for an 8 min drive to our Ceramics Course in Florence. They could have walked there in about 15 minutes. Americans like the certainty, and not having to ‘negotiate’ a taxi meter…but still…White Taxi Cabs – Taxis have a 48 euro set price into the city center. It’s written on the door of the cab. But that’s where the negotiation starts. Americans tip (unnecessary, but I suppose if they are nice and helpful – and many are – it’s not a bad practice) but the taxi driver may give you every story in the book…"extra luggage, extra people…extra extra…" Just say, "No, Grazie." It is untrue. They can only charge extra for night rides and Sundays. And it’s not much. Note: Any taxi with a 06.3570 telephone number to call will accept credit cards.Shared Airport Shuttle – This is about half price to a cab…but you have to stay put while it makes stops for others along the way. It’s more expensive for walk-ups (right at the Train Station inside the Airport Terminal) than if you book in advance.Fast Train to Termini Station – This is the fastest way into Rome (provided you don’t have to wait so long for a train) and costs 14 euro, but lets you out way far away from the main Train Station entrance. It’s ideal if you are staying in the area of the train station, or are leaving from Termini directly elsewhere after landing [or, leave your luggage at the Luggage Deposit Service there near the Car Rental agencies and come back for it later after exploring or doing an Art Workshop or Sketch Tour with us! www.artealsole.com ]. If you go out a nearby door, there may be taxis ready and waiting. Otherwise, you have to schlep your bags further toward the main entrance, where taxi lines could extend your travel time considerably.Standard train from Airport into Rome – This is 8 euro ticket which you can get at any machine at the airport rail station or the shop there or at standard ticket windows. It makes stops at Saint Peter’s, Trastevere and Ostiense Stations, which are quite central, depending upon where you are staying. Taxis can be had easily from each of these. The Train to Ostiense (nearest to the Colosseum, etc. and the Metro Subway / Tube stations at PIRAMIDE = Pyramid) takes 30 mins. From arrivals, follow signs to Train.Express Airport Buses – Terravision and T.A.M. and others operate buses costing about 6 euro and going into Rome’s Termini Station (or TAM to Ostiense, where I usually duck into Eataly for breakfast, lunch, or refreshments!). From there, taxis can be had. Even in traffic, the trip is about 30 mins although you may have to wait for the bus to fill before departing. Just leave arrivals and go all the way down to the right – where you’ll find a bus depot and ticket booths.

Finally, to enjoy some of our Family Tours of Rome – Art workshops – Sketch Tours or

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* For the more intrepid, driving in and around Rome is not for the faint of heart. Also, the city center, like most towns, are closed to traffic during the day. It amounts to a huge Tourist Tax for cities, as you get hit with tickets (from cameras) coming and going…Avoid the stress and taxi it.
**People sometimes choose to ‘stay out near the airport’ when they have an early arrival. I say, "hogwash!" Why not enjoy a wonderful last night in Rome when there are so many easily accessible options to be had? Taxis can be booked the night before to pick you up early as well. The cost is a fixed price – but ask what the surcharge is ahead of time in case you have an early arrival.
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