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New for this year, we have added some exciting new food activities and farm visits to the Arte al Sole Italy Kids Camp Art and Sport week at the Colle San Paolo agriturismo in Umbria.
Learning the Art of Cheesemaking at Caseificio Fontemanna
Families staying at Umbria Arte al Sole have a memorable chance each morning and evening to encounter Graziella, the sheperdhess who grazes her flock on the property. During the week, students will visit the family run cheesemaker, Caseificio Fontemanna, to learn about how the delicious pecorino cheeses are made, along with the fresh goats milk yogurts made with local berries and fruits.
Families attending Arte al Sole have always enjoyed buying fresh cheese and yogurt from Caseificio Fontemanna, and now it is a pleasure to add an educational visit as part of camp!

Learning the Art of Beekeeping

Students will also visit Paolo, the honey producer, during this fun-filled and delicious week exploring the flavors of Italian culture. In class, we will do some bee-themed art projects and some natural science projects to understand the importance of bees. We will then pay a visit to Paolo, who takes some bees and creates an artificial arnia encased in glass, so that you can see the bees at work (even the queen bee, recognizable as she is much larger than the others, but Paolo also colours her with a dot of blue).
Italy Kids Cooking Class
Students will use their discoveries of Italian locavore traditions back in the kitchen at our classroom, after paying a visit to the Colle San Paolo garden to pick basil and tomatoes to prepare delights such as bruschetta in the typical way. Buon Appetito indeed!
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