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Of course you’re excited for your trip to Italy! Who wouldn’t be? But it’s still fun to plan…and what better way than some family time enjoying the sites and sounds of Bell’ Italia? We’ve broken down some fun things to do to prepare for your trip to Italy – Our list doubles as a holiday gift giving guide!

For Young Kids /

The Magic Treehouse Books– including Monday with a Mad Genius, or the Research Guide on Leonardo Da Vinci or Sleeping below the Volcano will set your sights on Pompeii, or any of the marvelous DaVinci museums showing off his inventions in many cities across Italy.
ASK US!Our docents in Florence or Rome will take you into the world of discovery to teach your kids about genius, innovation, art & science of the Renaissance…while Arte al Sole campers dive in to Galileo’s Galaxy, too.


and books / Join young sleuth Flavia Gemini and her intrepid friends as they solve mysteries across the empire, introducing kids to the perils and pleasures of life in ancient times. You can see more at www.romanmysteries.com


Our guides in Rome will take your family to Ostia Antica, where the books are largely set…it’s a wonderful adventure for the whole family!
Let the kids at Rome’s upscale hostel, The Beehive show you how life in Italy is done! From preparing a cappuccino to shopping for the right foods…

this youtube channel

is near & dear to my heart. And join our Rome Storytellers or Florence Storytellers nights (rated PG).
One of my favorites, Look what came from Italy will keep kids on the lookout for everything that might have come our way through the magnificent minds that made Italy so great!
Tweens & Teens
A wonderful family film that will have anyone dream about Italy, Breaking Awayis still a favorite!

the film places you right on the horsebacks of this treacherous tradition still held twice yearly in Siena. The flags each quarter of the various neighborhoods carry all are steeped in meaning.

ASK US!In Florence, families on private tours and our day campers craft their own family crests, showing the symbols that are most important in their lives.
Letters to Juliet is a simply romantic film showing a beautiful side to Italy…naturally, set in Verona.
A Day in the Life of Ancient Rome, by Alberto Angela shows us what life was really like way back in the day.

Ben Hur or any of the classic Ancient Rome series, with one of the most

breathtaking 4 minutes in all of cinema history with its epic chariot race (long before computer generated graphics) is enough to get anyone ready to set foot inside the Colosseum or imagine themselves seated in the sidelines of the Circus Maximus.

ASK US!Our guides or art docents lead the way up the Appian Way, to see some of the ancient sites there, visit the catacombs or paint their own costumes for Centurions and horses alike! Families can rent bikes too and continue the adventure.
Interested in Art History? The Khan Academy has you covered…just search out any of the greats…and you can be astounded by their genius…or of course, let us introduce you to the masterpieces of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, or let us pick a little known gem for you!
Of course, everyone knows Rick Steves can show you Italy, but I also like a lot of the Channels on Youtube, such as Dream of Italy
The Agony & the Ecstasyor Basilica are novels that bring Michelangelo and his astounding vision to life. While the books of Donna Leon, or Tim Parks bring Italy to modern life!
Italy’s past and present can be seen in a number of films, from Cinema Paradisoto the opera, Rigoletto featuring Luciano Pavarotti (& filmed entirely in Mantova).
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ItaliaKids.com and Prontopia.com for getting around your favorite cities in Italy!

Got older kids? Try our Life Skills & Learning program in the Dolomites 28 July to 4 August 2019!
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