Rome is a great place for families…But the secret is staying away from the hordes of tourists standing for hours in 100-degree heat, or dragging your kids from museum to museum…
So here’s my short list of Fun Things to do with Children in Rome:
• Our Children’s Summer Day Camp takes place in the luscious greenery – the virtual playground of fairies and nymphs in Villa Celimontana, just behind the Coliseum. At night, jazz concerts are held all summer long in a fabulous setting with a bistro for food. It’s a great way to really enjoy Rome by Night – Italian style.
• Villa Borghese

on the Pincio Hill– Overlooking Piazza del Popolo is a super-fun spot that kids want to go back to time and again. Rent go-carts, Segways, or 4-person pedal cars to explore the park. Young children love the merry-go-round, stopping in to the zoo, or rowing on the small pond amidst the ruins. We offer our photography lessons at this magical spot with its water clock and wonderful views while parents can take a breather below the umbrella pines of Rome. REQUEST INFO• Below, Piazza del Popolo hosts a permanent collection of Leonardo Da Vinci’s machines.

• Again, skip the Vatican Museums – especially with young children – it is so crowded they can’t even see the works. Or, go visit the Vatican while we engage your kids through creating amazing artworks or in a cooking class nearby. But there is an amazing way to be awed by the Sistine Chapel in all its wonder: The spectacle, Il Giudizio Universale – The Last Judgment. In this fully immersive multimedia experience, you will be awed by the presence of Michelangelo, the rows of Cardinals filing in to elect a new pope, and the description – in English (or on pdfs in other tongues) – of each of the painted panels that cover the entire chapel.
An added perk? You won’t hear anyone on loud speakers thundering


in 46 different languages – Instead, you will be stunned silent by a thundering God sending a storm Noah’s way, or Michelangelo releasing his figures from the stone.

• Got an ancient history buff? One of our favorite places where kids see how Rome was built is the Palazzo Valentini– the info (in true Italian style) is a bit didactic, but seeing the layers of Rome beneath your feet and an up-close view of Trajan’s Column is worth it. We reserve tickets for families in English – and then work with kids on making their own frieze or cartoon sketch of scenes just like on the column.
Or, take our exclusive audioguide tour to Ostia Antica, the ancient port of Rome where you’ll meet a cast of characters from the I century!REQUEST INFO