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I may be biased, but I have yet to meet a child who didn’t totally love learning all about Ancient Rome, or Greek Mythology, or delving into Leonardo DaVinci and his inventions. I will never forget reading, back in third grade, how the Leaning Tower of Pisa was built – the subject I’m sure of many a book report. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite Italy-themed books and fave go-to stops for kids (& parents, too!). It gets kids excited about their trip, or keeps them connected after they’ve come home.

– My favorite books for kids that are also super-educational, and feature a wonderful foursome of child sleuths living in the time of Tiberius are the Roman Mysteries seriesby now-friend, Caroline Lawrence. She even includes a Latin glossary at the back for terms the kids will learn. The series was also turned into a TV series with the BBC.
Check out her fun-filled page – where kids can even learn how to structure their very own stories!
– The Khan Academy is ripe with Italian history – art – people – places. But one thing that really is fascinating for all…is the amazing National Geographic animation on the Making of Trajan’s Column. It really gets you into all things great and wonderful about the ancients and their buildings. Kids in Rome can craft their own frieze or entire cartoon column with our specialized art docents.
– During our Summer Rome camp, and also with private visitors, families will get to visit some astounding sites featuring amazing mosaics – kids love to view the wild animal hunt at our favorite haunts! Children in Italy get a closeup view of ancient mosaic-work before working on their own mosaic pieces in our specialized workshop after their visit.

Our 2019 dates are up for summer camps, but whenever your travel plans take you to Italy, we offer private tours / family-fun workshops / art classes and sketch hunts all year long! So, drop us a line with your travel dates – cities – and desires — and we can custom design an art – history – legends tour all your own!
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