Florence for Families | Our newest art tours for kids to see & tour Florence

Florence never disappoints with its dozens of museums, sights and beauty. We help kids uncover their inner Da Vinci and families to make connections to the city and its rich history. We’ve added more art tours and artisan workshops – fun for the whole family…or just the kids so parents can enjoy some grownup time, too! Some of our latest art experiences / art tours / workshops & exploration for kids in Florence:The Heart of Florence – Uncovering Piazza Signoria’s Myths & Legends & the Tales of

Discovering the Genius of Leonardo Da Vinci – in Italy & in your own children!

2019 promises to be an outstanding year for families looking to visit Italy – The country already boasting the greatest number of cultural treasures on earth is in cultural overdrive. But one thing not to miss are the numerous exhibitions and museums honouring the genius of Leonardo DaVinci. Arte al Sole families in Florence have two museums where kids can interact with the machines. We walk families through the life and times of Leonardo and why he is considered one of the greatest thinkers

Meet our Team! Working to make your Italy Vacation a Memorable one

Find out about our fab team of Arte al Sole artists, docents and Italy tours staff on our Artisans Page – It’s there where you’ll see what intrepid Founder, Shannon Kenny – a virtual one-stop Italy Family Travel mastermind is up to with her company, Via Papera, and its ItaliaKids.com and Elaia Travel brands. Shannon is now busy changing the way people travel by combining cultures through her new digital company, Prontopia. You can find more of what they do on their facebook pages or in Groups –

Carnival of…Viareggio! (Okay…Carnevale of Venice too)

Venice may be where *everyone* seemingly wants to be for Carnival, (or Carnevale as we say in Italian), imho it’s at The Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea – in Tuscany’s Viareggio – where some of the best action is when it comes to throwing down a Mardi Gras Party (Martedì Grasso). For 145 years, magnificently crafted, mechanical, over-sized (and 40-ton) papier-mâché floats and parades and fireworks have been part of the amazing celebrations taking place here in Italy. While this century, floats are

Preparing for your Trip to Florence with Kids

A parent at our Soccer al Sole Umbria summer camp asked Arte al Sole Founder, Shannon, “What are some of your observations of the children’s range of experiences through your programs with respect to the vast amounts of art they are exposed to in Italy?” Her reply: “I feel that we tend to underestimate young children’s ability to appreciate and soak in masterful art, and that this contemporary cultural mishap. Parents want to expose their children to art and history, but if they are running from

Preparing for your family trip to Italy | Our Holiday Guide to books, shows & movies on all things Italian!

Of course you’re excited for your trip to Italy! Who wouldn’t be? But it’s still fun to plan…and what better way than some family time enjoying the sites and sounds of Bell’ Italia? We’ve broken down some fun things to do to prepare for your trip to Italy – Our list doubles as a holiday gift giving guide! For Young Kids / The Magic Treehouse Books – including Monday with a Mad Genius, or the Research Guide on Leonardo Da Vinci or Sleeping below the Volcano will set your sights on Pompeii, or

Summer Travel to Italy • The Fun Starts Here

Private Family Tours in Italy • Art Workshops • Day Camps meanMore programs • More places • More Fun in the Sun2019 Italy Summer Camps Ancient Rome Spring Break • (March & April) & Summer Sessions June & July! Etruscan Umbria July 1-5 Art & Soccer al Sole Renaissance Florence July 1-5 • July 15-19 Baroque Sicily July 22-26 Medieval Lucca July 22-26 Check out our full Spring & Summer roster and ask about our Master Apprentice program for kids 13 & up! • info@artealsole.com New! for Family Travel

Tax Credits for Families • Finding funds for a fun summer camp

If you are a United States citizen, the Child and Dependent Care Credit may make those summer camp expenses more manageable. Tax credits are more advantageous than deductions since credits reduce your taxes dollar for dollar.The Tax Man distinguishes between the two types of camps: Day Camps (like Arte al Sole) and Overnight (Residential) programs. Check out the graphic below to determine whether you can take a tax credit for your child’s camp enrollments.If your answers come to YES, then what

Traveling to Italy with Kids? Make the most of your trip by taking it easy, Italian Style

I’ve seen it dozens of times…and in hundreds of posts on travel blogs…People preparing their trip to Italy armed with a laundry list of everything they want to do – see – experience. For many it’s a once-in-a-lifetime trip, for others, the gateway to many more to follow after they – and their kids – get the travel bug. But, like a buffet at the most wondrous food court on earth, the extent of choices can be overwhelming – and trying to stuff five different desserts down the hatch, even

Venice with Teens

Arte al Sole is pleased to announce some new interactive tours that will bring more of the history of Venice to life for you and your children. While we always modify our sessions to the ages of your kids, these tours will allow teens & tweens to take their noses out of phones and see Venice in a whole new way.THE TIEPOLO AFFAIR & THE BURNING OF THE RIALTO BRIDGEIt’s 1310, and a group of aristocrats plot to overthrow the Doge – the Governor of the old Venetian Republic. In this role playing game