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Tax Credits for Families • Finding funds for a fun summer camp

If you are a United States citizen, the Child and Dependent Care Credit may make those summer camp expenses more manageable. Tax credits are more advantageous than deductions since credits reduce your taxes dollar for dollar.The Tax Man distinguishes between the two types of camps: Day Camps (like Arte al Sole) and Overnight (Residential) programs. Check out the graphic below to determine whether you can take a tax credit for your child’s camp enrollments.If your answers come to YES, then what

Traveling to Italy with Kids? Make the most of your trip by taking it easy, Italian Style

I’ve seen it dozens of times…and in hundreds of posts on travel blogs…People preparing their trip to Italy armed with a laundry list of everything they want to do – see – experience. For many it’s a once-in-a-lifetime trip, for others, the gateway to many more to follow after they – and their kids – get the travel bug. But, like a buffet at the most wondrous food court on earth, the extent of choices can be overwhelming – and trying to stuff five different desserts down the hatch, even

Venice with Teens

Arte al Sole is pleased to announce some new interactive tours that will bring more of the history of Venice to life for you and your children. While we always modify our sessions to the ages of your kids, these tours will allow teens & tweens to take their noses out of phones and see Venice in a whole new way.THE TIEPOLO AFFAIR & THE BURNING OF THE RIALTO BRIDGEIt’s 1310, and a group of aristocrats plot to overthrow the Doge – the Governor of the old Venetian Republic. In this role playing game

Making the most of your family trip to Italy Exploring Bell’Italia, the ‘Beautiful Country’ with kids

Italians have long understood that if you surround children with beauty…they will grow to appreciate it. Our camp experiences allow your children (6-13) to attain a deep appreciation of all things Italian, while parents get grownup time to then come together and truly enjoy a wondrous vacation.Join us in discovering Renaissance Florence, searching for nymphs & river gods in Rome’s Gardens, following the Etruscans around Umbria’s Lake Trasimeno, making marionettes in Syracuse, Sicily, or taking

How to get to Rome Center & other Italy Travel Tips

Our partner over at Italia Kids and our newest Facebook Page, Family Travel Italy often get asked by newcomers to Italy…how to get around in Rome. The stories of being literally ‘taken for a ride’ by the infamous taxi drivers and the poor public transport options are legend – but like much of Rome, they are also a thing of the past. Here’s a short list of getting into Rome from Fiumicino Airport (aka Leonardo Da Vinci), in order of expense:Private Airport Transfer – This can run about 75-90

Family, School & Scouting Trips to Venice • An exclusive Arts&Culture immersion

GROUP & FAMILY TOURS IN VENICEArtisans, Adventures & Alchemy of the Serenissima RepublicAhhh….Venice! With its myriad alleyways, campi, churches, and of course, tourists galore. How to make sense of it all…So it isn’t just a tick mark on your Bucket List but a wholly cultural experience…that this magical and once important City-State deserves? Arte al Sole helps families and groups explore the magic of Venice in an amazing immersive experience where children gain an in-depth understanding

What’s New in Rome for Family Travel

Rome is a great place for families…But the secret is staying away from the hordes of tourists standing for hours in 100-degree heat, or dragging your kids from museum to museum…So here’s my short list of Fun Things to do with Children in Rome: • Our Children’s Summer Day Camp takes place in the luscious greenery – the virtual playground of fairies and nymphs in Villa Celimontana, just behind the Coliseum. At night, jazz concerts are held all summer long in a fabulous setting with a bistro

Italy Family Travel – Kids Activities & Day Camps to see Rome – Umbria – Tuscany – Sicily from a different perspective

Art & Soccer in Umbria countryside! Exploring Italian Culture, Cooking & Calcio!I Casali di Colle San Paolo**, Panicale • Umbria – 2019 dates to come soon! Kids choose to play Soccer or Art, interspersed with visits to ancient sites and cultural activities, including learning about life on the farmstead while parents relax by the pool, or venture out on their own through our specially crafted art curriculum that families have grown to love. Our young artists will immerse themselves in Etruscan

When in Rome | Kids try their Mosaic making skills the Arte al Sole way

Families traveling to Rome often rush through the cities, checking places off their list. At Arte al Sole Rome, we like to stop time – in Ancient Rome – to help kids look deeper, expand their horizons, or, in the case of our mosaic workshop, pay attention to detail. Our Roman Mosaic experience begins with an exclusive museum visit which gives families a bird’s eye view over a huge mosaic work covering the entire floor of a very large room. Kids can pick out animals involved in a hunt – and

Activities for Kids in Venice •Art – Exploration – Family Travel – Venezia Bambini

While the crowds can be challenging for family trips to Venice, these “off-the-beaten-path” kids art classes and family experiences allow a unique opportunity to discover the city’s fascinating mysteries and artistic traditions through art, interactive historical games, and treasure sketch hunts. To book your family activity in Venice, please contact us.Mystery & Fantasy in Venice: Treasure Hunt Exploration & Art Workshop 3 hrs., 295 euro for family of 4, 65 euro each additional participantA

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